Sunday, April 04, 2004

Night on Earth (電影娛樂)

"Life has no plot, no real conclusion" (Jim Jarmusch)

前言: 睇完今晚港台套"風雨夜歸人",講一個夜班巴士車長的故事。我有感而發,重貼一份幾年
前的文章。我懶,費事譯做中文。我相信,睇得呢個Blog的, 都唔係蠢人, 呢d simple English,

Have you ever wonder what could be happening to someone like you who are
thousands of miles away? With rhythm, passion, and good humour, Jim Jarmusch
depicts five different stories in five different cities (L.A., New York, Paris, Rome,
and Helsinki), with two common grounds, it all happened in a cab, and they all
happened in the same night on earth.

There is no structural story line, this is five different & rather short tales all tied
up by external elements. The characters are all truly amazing, in some films it
takes virtually the whole dramatisation to attain the feeling that you familiarised
with the characters, in one way or the other.

I exceptionally laughed and yet sincerely fathomed the tragedy of the second
New York ride. Helmut, a German immigrant (Armin Mueller-Stahl), finds himself
in is a really sorrowful state, as it is very comical as well. For a reason beyond
sensible comprehension he has though his bad English and very severe driving
accomplished to obtain a taxi driver card in a city. He practically doesn't know the
name of. Somehow accidentally he managed to pick up one Yo-Yo (Giancarlo
Esposito) , an energetic, talkative, amazing New Yorker. Two greatly distinct
cultures persuaded to make conversation is extremely charming, interesting and
humorous, though they can hardly understand each others nature they still manage
to somewhat interpret each other in a very abstruse way. The actors did all perform
admirably well and genuine.

The music is splendid as well. The kind of wandering state that this film is based
upon, kind of a tip-toeing approach, which is a quite well describing way of defining
this elegant film. A collaboration of tragic and comic wrapped up in five different
destinies, neither a beginning or a goal, merely an embracing of time, an embracing
of life.

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