Thursday, May 13, 2004

One Great Cult Icon (Audio-Visual)


我的最愛Reservoir Dogs ,與及那套平平無奇的Jackie Brown,
出賣,自相殘殺。Pulp Fiction 呢?兩位主角給人亂槍數射後
就更加要算清楚。另一個角度睇Kill Bill 系列,係讓大家體會到,




JACKIE BROWN我個人覺得頗悶,睡了幾段.....kill bill i & ii 無得頂,他運用顏色配搭出神入化!我勁鍾意佢!

收買佬 said...

I myself prefer Kill Bill II over I. Not less about
its audio-visual effects, but the theme and tune....
All in all, they are better than the over-hyped Pulp-Fiction. :)

Still, Reservoir Dogs is his best one so far.

--- 收買佬

Anonymous said...

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